Barbara Harder-Lutz

harder lutz autoportraitskyblueFgurative abstract artist, explorer and  survivalist – that's pretty much what sums
up this expressive painter.
Born and raised on the Island of Fehmarn, Northern-Germany, barbara harder-lutz was Selftaught until she moved to New York City  where she attended the Art Students League of NYC and Parsons School of Design as a guest student.
Amongst fellow artists in “The City That Never Sleeps” this painter honed her skills, started To find her own distinct style and took part in numerous exhibitions all over the lively city.
Experimenting with different styles and materials, driven to explore & grow and encouraged by meeting fellow artists of all kinds made barbara the artist she is now.




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What it truly means to be an artist, to be able to harness the talent and express it successfully with the tools given – New York City was the true inspiration behind the radical change in her outlook on life and art. After living in places like Fehmarn, New Jersey, New York City, Hamburg, The Okanagan/BC and Saskatchewan/rural Canada the artist has returned to Fehmarn and Hamburg as a base of her operations.
The radical change of environments over last decade has called for a return to the Baltic Sea and the European lifestyle with it's internationality in art and everyday life.
Drawing inspiration mainly from people and landscape, it is time to let the collectedimpressions from the past years find their way onto canvas.
Painting mainly in oil on canvas, expressionistic and figurative driven, the content is often the stories one sees and/ or experiences in everyday life when surrounded by people.

harder lutz untitledPastell sketches and quick pen drawings as well as pencil drawings are the base framework for more elaborate, large paintings that reflect the artists inner life...and her view onto the world. Her interactions with the world and the environmental changes one experiences when moving around different cultures and places in this world.
Inspiration is drawn from everything around – life, love, people and their idiosyncrasies, landscape, art and other artists, conversations, thoughts, books....the world all around :-)
Self-motivated and driven by the restless artistic spirit, the artist received recognition
nonetheless by various scholarship offers – namely the: Art Institute of Chicago Illinois Merrit Scholarship, Philadelphia School of Art Merrit Scholarship

Exhibitions include:
Gallery Vertigo Vernon, BC | Opus Art Gallery, Kelowna, BC | Vernon Community Art Center | Sonnenhof Fehmarn | Midoma NCY | Twilo Nightclub, NYC | Art Student's League, NYC | Princeton Community Art Center, NJ
...and many small locations more...

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